Joe Bellino

Welcome to ! Joe Babe’s story is one of hypocrisy, corruption, and political cowardice… not necessarily in that order.

You see, Joe ran for office as a single-issue candidate—auto insurance reform—promising to bring down car insurance rates for the great state of Michigan. But his bill failed in the Michigan House of Representatives, which is all fine and good—governing can be hard, y’know? But instead of taking a second shot at things, Joe Babe decided to start rubbing elbows with insurance lobbyists. Lo and behold, pretty soon Joe Babe’s campaign coffers were overflowing with money from insurance companies ! If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What followed was an unbelievable example of bowing to special interests coincidence: Joe Babe suddenly decided that it was time for a new strategy on insurance reform. He told his voters that it would be too hard to actually do the work of passing a bill and suggested that they try circulating a petition (it’s already up to 77 signatures! Joe Babe is really working hard to see this issue to the finish line).

Michiganders don’t usually outsource their jobs, but Bellino is an exception—he outsourced his job of writing laws to his own constituents! Which makes sense when you have a busy schedule taking appointments from the very industry you were elected to regulate. Bellino is so busy greasing the skids for Big Insurance that he even outsourced his campaign website to us!

We were happy to oblige Joe Babe this time, but this is the last favor we throw his way—he’s already getting plenty from the insurance industry. The stakes are too high this year for voters to send Bellino back to Lansing. Someone who voted against giving benefits to teachers isn’t serious about protecting our public education. Someone who is taking handouts from health insurance companies isn’t serious about strengthening our health care. And someone who soft-pedalled his signature issue the minute the auto insurance industry came bearing gifts and signed on to a sham bill written by the Party leadership and the insurance companies … isn’t going to do the really hard stuff - like standing up to both the Party leadership and the insurance companies. And then there’s the really really hard stuff - like figuring out how to bring jobs back to Monroe!

So take a moment to sign Joe’s petition since he is on strict orders from his sugar daddies not to introduce another bill. Or—even better—send him home on November 6th so he will have lots of time to collect signatures himself!